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September 6, 2022
Parisaracho Apostle San Francis Assisi
Parisaracho Apostle San Francis Assisi

Parisaracho apostle San Francis Assisi (Apostle of Ecology: St. Francis Assisi) St. Francis Assisi founded a new spirituality through which young & old, men & women were given opportunity to live a life of faith based on evangelical poverty. This movie highlights a new spirituality to grow in faith founded by a light minded youth […]

April 22, 2018
International Year of the Youth (IYY) Konkani Mega Play Yuvajanancho Apostle Don Bosco (Don Bosco: An Apostle of Youth)

The United Nations Organisation has declared the present year (12 Aug.2010-11Aug. 2011) as the International Year of the Youth (IYY). The Pope has also, keeping in mind the role of the youth in building the present society, invited the whole universal Church to celebrate the IYY. Though no special celebrations of the IYY have taken […]

December 25, 2011
Don Bosco Konkani mega Play DVD & Book released

On the occasion of Christmas celebration at the end of the Christmas night Mass on 24 Dec.2011 at Taccode, a Konkani mega Play DVD called Yuvajanancho Apostle Don Bosco (Apostle of Youth: Don Bosco) was released by Mr. Brian Rego from Mumbai. The writer and the director of this mega Konkani Play is Rev. Dr. […]